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Held under the general regulation of the MSA Motor Sports Association Ltd. (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting code of the FIA) and the HKRC Supplementary regulations.
If you have any queries or require any information on race events at Kimbolton please contact:

Daphne Freeman - 01353 720390 from 18:00 - 21:00

2016 TKM Festival Forms

2016 TKM Festival Entry Form

2016 TKM Festival Regulations

2016 TKM Festival Tyre Order Form

2016 0 Plate Tyre Order Form

2016 School Release Form

HKRC 2016 Race Entry Form Entry HKRC 2016 TKM Festival Regulations Regs

HKRC 2016 Festival Tyre Order Form Fest Tyres HKRC 2016 O Plate Tyre Order Form 0 Plate

HKRC 2016 School Release Form School

Club Race Forms

HKRC 2016 Race Entry Form

HKRC 2016 Race Entry Form Download
HKRC 2016 Membership Form HKRC 2016 Membership Form Download
HKRC 2016 Membership Pack HKRC 2016 Membership Pack Download

HKRC 2016 Pit Bay Form

HKRC 2016 Pit Bay Form Download

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0785 0001803

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