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Gary Parker and Uncle Maurice!
1967 / ’68 Kimbolton

The book shows the record of ’accounts’ & members from 1960 to 1963

Our President had agreed to remove the old building, and decided to take it apart in two sections and re-site it in front of the hanger to keep two old tractors in. The bolts holding it together had to cut away by gas, and wood that started to smoulder was doused with water. The pictures show the building being taken apart and on its way up to the hanger. In case of a fire got out of hand a fire extinguisher was placed nearby. Then we broke off for lunch!
On our return, we were contemplating how to lower the lap-scoring box to the ground, when we saw that the building was alight. Evidently some smouldering wood had not been put out, and fanned by the high wind, it was truly afire, and the hanger and aeroplanes inside seemed about to follow.
At great risk to himself, our president’s son, Chris, jumped on the JCB and commenced pushing the burning debris away from the hanger, the end of which was red hot. Mean while farm workers Ken & Steve had rushed down to the farm and returned with the water bowser, which fortunately was full, and so a great disaster was averted!


The lasts shots of race control before its destruction…
Brick piers on which the new building stands. The lap scoring box at ground level to be used as the commentary box.
The new building arrives in 6 sections, each 40 ft long. Special permission from various police force had to be obtained for these sections to travel owning to the height & low bridges.

Before race control and the shed could be pulled down, a container was brought to keep the equipment in. This was transported on a trailer equipped with its own hoists.

New lap scoring box in position & ready for occupation, having been painted.

Graham Springett in 1966



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