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   March race meeting 8th/9th -8

Final news update before the March race weekend. no late race entries are being taken. if you wish to practice only call 01480212210 for availability.With over 200 competitors parking space will be a premium, so please park considerately and leave suitable access in the event that emergency services are required. All paddock pit bay spaces have been rented for the weekend, so if you have not booked a bay then please park around Stow corner and Willows which is free parking. Race programme has now been posted onto the website. Tag Heuer timing system is now being used and transponders are available for hire. Site open at 9am on Friday 7th and practice and race start at 9.30am.

   March race meeting 8th/9th -7

With a race entry of over 200 HKRC have a busy weekend ahead for the 3rd round of the 2014 HKRC Club Championship. All paddock pitbays have now been rented. Free parking is available around stow corner and Willows. Please park considerately and ensure roadways are kept clear for access for emergency services. Site will be open at 9am on Friday 7th March. Practice and Raceday start at 9.30am.Race control opens Saturday morning at 8.15am for signing on.If you wish to practice only.. please call 01480212210 for availability.

   March race meeting 8th/9th -6

With a March race weekend list of over 200 competitors we have a busy weekend ahead. All grids are closed.No late entries are being accepted. Site opens at 9am on Friday 7th March. JTKM no spaces for practice only. Limited spaces for other karts classes- call 01480212210 for availability.The main paddock is a for reserved spaces only. Free parking available around Stow corner and willows. Tree line grass area is too water logged to use. Space is a premium. Please park consideratly and keep all emergency access routes clear. Limited weekend hire pit bays available - call 01480 212210.


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