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   March race weekend 7th /8th -3

Grids are now closed for the March race weekend. No late entries will be accepted. The third round of the 2015 HKRC Club Championship. The March meeting has attracted over 220 competitors. Practice and Race day starts at 9.30am. The race format for Sunday is two heats and a final. From April until November the three heat and final format will return and on nominated months qualifying will be introduced. Any competitor who wishes to practice only must call 01480 212210 to confirm grid space availability. Only those who have confirmed pit bay spaces are to park in the main paddock. Free parking is available on the willows side of the track. Site opens at 9am on Friday 6th March. Car park/ paddock marshals will be in operation on Friday and Saturday morning.Space will be a premium. Provision has been made to use the grass area outside the main paddock for motohomes and mechanics vehicles. All main driveways must be kept clear at all times.

   March race weekend 7th /8th -2

With only a few days away from the closing date for the March race weekend the third round of the 2015 HKRC Championship the majority of the grids are more than 75% full. Closing date is midnight -Monday 2nd March. No late entries will be excepted and all grids will be a maximum of 34. If any competitor is planning on practicing only please contact us first for ay grid space availability. For practice we have time for only one grid of each class. On line entry is the most effecient way of confirming your race entry.Please ensure you recieve an email confirmation pdf for race entry. On -line 2015 membership is now available also. A few selected pit bays are still remaining for weekend hire. Parking will again be a premuim across the site and the club are making arrangements to improve the grass area parking.We will have parking attendants assisting you when you enter site. Motorhomes and mechanics and non kart support vehicles will be asked to park outside the main paddoc. Only prebooked pit bays competitors will be permitted to park in the main paddock. Plenty of free parking available on the willows side of the track. Call the information line on 01480 212210.

   March race weekend 7th /8th -1

Updates to the HKRC website includce championship club points,Tag Heur race weekend details,actions photographs from the February race weekend by Pixelero. On line payment system now include PG licence number where applicable. On-line membeship is now available- which can be found on the second tab dropdown when on-line payment page ius opened. addtional race weekend fees have been added for the 177 challenge and the LGM and X30 tour in April. Pease check you have chosen the correct payment for March and a pdf by return has been generated. if incorrect information the entry will be important to check before submission- thank you. Grids will be capped at 34 for all classes. Please check first for grid space availability if wishing to practice only at the March weekend. Most pitbays in main paddock have been rented for the 2015 season. some bays may be available for weekend rent . Free parking on willows side of track. Provision will be made for motorhomes outside the main paddock for both March and April race weekends. Car park attendants will be assisting to park everyone arriving on site who have not a reserved bay in the main paddock. Any inquiries call 01480 212210 for practice and pit bay availability. closing date will be 2nd March. No late entries will be accepted.


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