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  1. Hunts Kart Racing Club will organise Club Race Meetings for 2010 on dates- 10th January Nat B, 14th February Nat B, 14th March Nat B , April 11th Nat A&B, 9th May Nat B, 12/13th June Nat B (not club round), 11th July Nat B, 8th August NatA& B, 12th September Nat B, 10th October Nat A&B, 14th November Nat B, 13th December Nat B. The HKRC 2010 Club Championship will be held over 11 rounds with 10 to count. Permit Numbers TBA.
  2. The events are held under the general regulations of the motor sports association (incorporating the provisions of the international sporting code of the FIA) and these supplementary regulations.
  3. The events will be open to holders of a) an appropriate current MSA Competition licence and b) racing membership of an ABkC club.
  4. HKRC will Host rounds of host rounds of WTP, 210 Challenge and Super 4 125 and 250.
  5. The intention of the organisers will be to organise the meeting to the following timetable - signing on 7.30 a.m to 8.40 a.m - scrutineering from 7.30 a.m to 9.00 a.m (queue closes 8.45 a.m) drivers briefi ng 9.30 a.m and thereafter practice and races. No competitor will be allowed to join the scrutineering queue after 8.45a.m. These times are subject to variation at the discretion of the organisers. Drivers briefi ng will be held before practice and all drivers must attend.
    Drivers aged under 18 must be accompanied by their parent or guardian. All Classes with the exception of Gearbox will be a rolling start, standing start for Gearbox.
  6. The race events will be held over the 2nd weekend of each month and will run two heats and a fi nal for Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov and Dec with the remaining
    calendar months with three heats and a fi nal heats and fi nal will be either laps or minutes plus one lap and selected meetings timed qualifying. The events having the option to run on circuit one 989.5m or circuit two 1049m. Gearbox will run circuit three 958.5m throughout the season. Karts only are eligible to race. Allotted laps and timed heats and fi nals with qualifying will be used for race format
  7. The start positions for all kart classes excluding gearbox will be rolling with the start line situated along Hines straight between post 8 and 1.
  8. Practice will be for 3 laps. All karts are to have clear numbers on all 4 sides in association with C(B)-6, H 23-24,i 30),(K 194-198)
  9. Competitors and Traders attending the meeting are asked to bear in mind the following when setting out their pit space: Where tents/canopies are erected these shall, as far as practicable, be alternated with any parked vehicle, in order that the spread of fi re from one such canopy to an adjacent canopy is minimised. Where pit spaces are laid out with vehicles in tandem a vehicles of entrants and offi cial vehicles may enter the paddock area. Any vehicles
    or equipment which, in the opinion of the organisers, is parked in contravention of the proper use of the paddock will be moved on by request. The entrant responsible for the vehicle or equipment shall be ineligible to race until the organiser’s directions have been complied with similar arrangement of parked vehicles and canopies are maintained. For the purpose of these recommendations a caravan shall be treated as a canopy. The intention of these
    recommendations is the maintenance of a space of approx. 3 metres between canopies where it is considered there is a risk of a fi re hazard.
  10. The facts to be judged by the judge of fact (B81) and driving standard s observers (B83-86)
  11. Trophies will be allocated to each class for every 1 -5 competitors
  12. If the entry in the class is below 15 then the race for that class may be cancelled or amalgamated with another class at the discretion of the organisers. The maximum number of starters will be 30 for gearbox classes, 34 for all other formulae. All entries must be sent to the Competition Secretary, Daphne Freeman, 76 Guntons Close, Soham, Ely, Cambs CB7 5DN. A SAE (or email address) MUST accompany the entry if an acknowledgement of entry is required.
    Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the organisers, but will be subject to an administration charge of £30.00.
  13. The event list will be open on the day after the preceding meeting and close 8 days prior to the meeting. An entry fee of £45.00 for members and £55.00 for non-members must be sent with the entry form to the Competition Secretary. No entries may be made by telephone.
  14. Should the meeting be cancelled, entry fees may be carried over at the discretion of the club. Any entry cancelled after the closing date will not be eligible for a refund, or to be carried over to the next race meeting.
  15. Stewards of the meeting shall be Jess Kingham, Elaine Chesterman, Clerk of Course t.b.a, Secretary of Meeting Daphne Freeman, Chief Scrutineer Nigel Freeman, Chief Timekeeper Sarah Freeman.
  16. Provisional results are posted after each race in race control with published resulted posted on ers via UK Karting and HKRC website. Results are determined by position of competitor completing the agreed number of laps. In the event of a tie in points awarded, then the highest grid position will be decided. Grid positions for the heats will be determined by ballot to be carried out at the complete discretion of the organisers. Grid positions for the fi nal will be
    determined by the combined heat results. In the event that the fi nals cannot be completed the results, and championship points, will be determined on the calculated grid position for the fi nal. Should there be a tie for fi nal position. If there is a tie for Championship points the winner will be determined by the highest number of fi nishes. Non-attendance at a round does not prevent that round being dropped, but if a driver is excluded from a meeting that round cannot be classed as a dropped round. In the situation when offi cials are only able to run three heats because of poor conditions or lack of time, a tie on points will be resolved by the result from the fi rst heat.
  17. Protest regulations can be found in section C(d). 2010 MSA yearbook.
  18. Other than driver and mechanic there is no access to remove kart from parc ferme post race.
  19. Two engines and one chassis may be submitted for scrutineering for use by each driver for each race meeting. Prior to the start of the fi rst race of the meeting a driver may, with the permission of the Clerk of the Course substitute a chassis or engine provided that such engine or chassis has been scrutineered. During the meeting the Clerk of the Course may, subject to scrutineering, permit the substitution of the chassis where the original chassis has been damaged beyond repair during practising or racing. On practice day, once scrutineering has been completed, no further practice is permitted for that day. All karts must be race prepared before being taken for scrutineering. If race numbers are required to be changed by a competitor, written instruction must be given and numbers changed before next race and confi rmed by a scrutineer. All karts and engines must conform to the information appearing on
    scrutineering cards, which must be signed by the driver (unless the driver is under 18, then the scrutineering card must be signed by the parent or guardian responsible for the driver) and by the scrutineer
  20. Only one set of slick tyres are permitted per meeting, to include offi cial practice. The organisers may mark tyres at any time. You may only change two tyres (one front and one rear) if either damaged or punctured, and after having them checked by a scrutineer. If the Clerk of the Course or Chief Scrutineer decides that kart tyre performance has been enhanced, then the club has the authority to ask for another set of tyres to be used at the competitors’ expense. Under
    no circumstances may tyres be left at the circuit
  21. Drivers must place their karts on the dummy grid one full race before their next event and remain with their kart until their race starts. The dummy grid will be closed after the preceding race has left the grid and competitors not in position at this time will be placed on the back of the grid.
  22. In the event of a red fl ag or major incident the HKRC Ltd Major Incident Plan will come into operation as per the displayed copy that is posted in the clubhouse.
  23. All entrants are responsible for the members of their supporting team, relatives and friends, for the proper positioning of the vehicles and equipment and
    for their proper use of all club facilities. Drivers will be excluded from the meeting if they, or any members of their team, are found damaging crops, any
    part of the track or surroundings; breaching these rules, or in any way conducting themselves contrary to a standard reasonably expected such as abusive or threatening behaviour to any HKRC offi cial will result in a LIFE ban. The club will refuse for LIFE the future entry of any offender.
  24. Motorised bikes/ scooters are not allowed to be used in the paddock, track, or car park areas around the site over the race weekend. Push bikes, skateboards etc. may not be used from 8.30a.m until 6.30 p.m. on any day where practice, either unoffi cial or offi cial, or racing is taking place.
  25. Animals at the circuit must be kept within your pit space whilst racing or practice is taking place. Animals are not permitted in the Pare Ferme and Dummy Grid areas or on the circuit at any time. Offenders may be excluded from the meeting and refused entry to future meetings.
  26. Parents /guardians who do not desire the photographer to photograph their children should make their wishes known to the photographer.
  27. No repairs are permitted to be made to karts on track. The driver must remain with the in a safe location and recover the kart to parc ferme when instructed by an HLRC Offi cial. Anyone found repairing the kart on track will be excluded from the race.

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