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Welcome 2015

Welcome to the Hunts Kart Racing Club founded in 1959.

Hunts kart racing club has continued with the success of the 2013 season though-out 2014. The proven formula of a professionally and efficiently organized race weekend has still attracted a good membership during throughout the 2014 season. The club has a loyal following of competitors which we are pleased to see every season. The club prides its-self with this established support. When new faces appear and after sampling a competitive and friendly atmosphere we will confident that we will see these competitors again.

During 2014 there have again been a continuation of improvements to the HKRC facilities which have benefited the competitor and the HKRC Officials. Areas such as parking in the paddock, the parc ferme area , catering area, grid area and tannoy system, additional toilet facilities just to name a few of the many changes seen throughout the 2014 season. There is continual investment in improving facilities for everyone, During 2015 there are many plans to continue with these improvements.

We endeavour to listen to all club members’ feedback both positive and also constructive criticism, From this we are able to improve certain aspects of the race package. We do endeavour to respond to all communications via the HKRC Committee.

The HKRC Committee work for the Club Members and designate much of their spare time to ensure the site and race meeting are ready for every race weekend.

Championship meetings for 2014 will be contested over 12 rounds with 11 to count. Although HKRC reserve the right to change this program if situation arise beyond our control.

The Anglian Trophy meeting to be held over the weekend of 12th,13th,14th/June and again will be a double Club Championship round. Plenty of track action along with the established International Spellfame trolley Championship. A great weekend for all the Family.

The winter months from October 2014 to March 2015 the race weekends start at 09.30am with a race format of 2 heats per class and a final. From April 2015 to September 2015 the race weekends will start at 10am with a race format of 3 heats and a final.

Enjoy the atmosphere of a professional, friendly Club that works hard to provide Competitors and Spectators with an exciting and enjoyable weekends racing. The aim of HKRC is to ensure that all competitors have a safe and competitive race weekend.

Unacceptable on track racing standards and inappropriate behaviour in the paddock is not tolerated and will be addressed swiftly. 2015 will be another positive year for HKRC and we are pleased that you have decided to join our club. We look forward to meeting with you over the coming season and know that you will be proud to be part of Hunts Kart Racing Club success.

Navigate around our website to gain all the information you require to come and race at Hunts Kart Racing Club (Kimbolton).

Martin Chesterman
HKRC Chairman


September race meeting 12th /13th

As the dust settles after another action packed 2015 Maxxis TKM Festival with the weather shining on the circuit all over the weekend and successes from some of our club drivers we can now focus on the September race weekend which is the 9th round of the 2015 HKRC Club championship also hosting a round of the 210 challenge. The on- line system is now open for your entries for the next meeting which is the quickest way to confirm an entry. For individuals not racing at the September weekend, practice is available buty only if you confirm first. There are also pit bays available for rent for the racxe weekend. The site opens on Friday 11th September.

2015 Maxxis TKM Festival -5

With only a few days until the gates open for the 2015 Maxxis TKM Festival again hosted by HKRC attracting drivers from all over the UK with an entry of close to 170 drivers. The final site preparations have started to have everything in place for when the site opens on Thursday 6th August. All track time starts at 10am from Friday to Sunday. Regulations for the meeting can be found on the website under the homepage festival tab and will also be printed in the festival race program. Friday will offer plenty of track time for all. Scrutineering will be available Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Some pit bays are still available for hire in the main paddock. Free parking on the willows side of the track is also available. You must have confirmation of pit bay allocation in the main paddock to be shown before parking. Paddock marshals are in attendance. Saturday evening in the central catering arena will offer a licenced bar, music and hog roast and other types of food. Only competitors registered for the TKM festival are permitted to practice on Friday 7th August.

2015 Maxxis TKM Festival -4

Race entries for the 2015 Maxxis TKM Festival are now closed. No later entries are accepted. This year's event has attracted just shy of 170 TKM drivers. With healthly grids for the 0 plate and good grids for the remaining Festival and Clubman classes. Ensure tyre order forms are completed. Regulations for the weekend on available under the Festivalk tab on the home page of the website. More details for Friday test day to be released next week. Site opens on Thursday 6th August at 9am . Only TKM Festival drivers are permitted to practice on the Friday. Many pit bays have now been hired for the weekend. Free parking is available on the Willows side of the track. Only those competitors that have prebooked a pit space are to park in the main paddock. HKRC officials will be directing you on site. All main driveways must be kept clear during the meeting. With only one week away until the 2015 Festival begins. All eyes are on the weather !!! Note to honda entrants- refunds have now been completed.

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